Support needed for 25-year-old liver recipient, Michelle Labbe’

Story written by Diana V. Weisner:

Michelle is a 25-year-old woman who lives in Somerville, MA. She moved up to Massachusetts from Virginia to pursue grad school at Emerson College. After graduating in May 2011, she found a job as an online editor and continued to build her career in publishing and writing.
In November 2011, Michelle received a diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis, a rare condition that affects only 1 in 100,000 people. In her case, her liver was already badly scarred from the disease and had developed into cirrhosis. She began down one of the toughest roads in life, the transplant experience. Luckily, her brother Craig was willing and able to become a living donor for her. In January 2013, Michelle received 60% of Craig's liver, and the two recovered in Mass General Hospital. Michelle's stay in the hospital was extended from one week to two weeks due to several complications.
Two weeks after Michelle was discharged from MGH, due to time and job constraints on her family, her parents and brother had to return to Virginia.
Michelle is heading into her second month of recovery and it continues to be a challenging time, getting to doctor visits, getting household chores done and grocery shopping. She recently was briefly re-admitted into the hospital due to a complication.
Michelle is a powerfully strong individual, but anyone who has been through a transplant or has helped a loved one through a tough medical recovery knows that support is needed.
Currently, Michelle lives in an apartment with roommates, but she has no direct support from family in Massachusetts. A support network would help give her a safe way to get to the doctors' appointments twice a week from Somerville to MGH, help her with groceries or a prepared meal, and financial aid resources for the high medical costs she will experience, both for procedures and hospital stays, and for her prescriptions. A support network would also provide some folks she can lean on outside of her roommates.
Right now, healing is Michelle's strength, and she is very good at it, but with a good support structure, she might be able to turn that strength into a superpower. "Living the story and dreaming the reality"

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