Primary objectives

Managing services to meet the emerging needs of donors, their families and support systems


  • Positively impact the transplant community
  • Offer donation candidates a trusted resource
  • Become a reliable support system
  • Champion the needs of transplant patients throughout the region

Keys to Success

  • Securing funding and resources
  • Developing strategic partners and donor relationships
  • Connecting with members of the transplant community
  • Resonating with transplant families

Our mission

Transplant Foundation of New England is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help meet the needs of New England transplant candidates and their families by providing resources, financial assistance and an unprecedented level of support. With more than 1,100 families affected each year in the New England region, we are dedicated to helping these families when basic necessities are not being met. Necessities such as food service programs including gift cards to restaurants and local grocery chains; lodging at selected hotels near the hospital; child care services including daycare centers and afterschool programs; transportation cost including gas cost, parking, train and commuter rail fees, and financial assistance during pre and post transplant surgery.

By alleviating financial worries the families can focus their time and energy on recovery and returning to a normal life. Our goal is to run a lean organization where we maintain 90% or more of all revenues received are allocated to program services. This percentage well exceeds the standards upheld by the organization that monitors the work of charities.